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Are we missing out on an awesome workshop idea? - PeoplesHub

PeoplesHub Workshop – Connect online as an individual

Suggest an idea for a workshop PeoplesHub should offer

PeoplesHub helps you gather critical thinking and analysis, and build skills for making change. We invite you to step up with confidence, to join with others in transforming our communities. We believe in a model of popular education that allows for trainees to also be trainers, and we encourage folks to step into either role.

What we are looking for

Follow the button below to access our PHW proposal form, which is intended for interactive workshops where individuals connect online on their own. We are looking for ideas for workshops that offer:

  • Critical thinking and analysis,
  • tangible skills,
  • tools and strategies for making change, and
  • creative solutions that folks can use right away in their communities and in their own lives.

Ready to send us your proposal?