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Community Care Clinic for Disabled and Chronically Ill Movement Folks - PeoplesHub

PeoplesHub Clinic – Connect online as an individual

Community Care Clinic for Disabled and Chronically Ill Movement Folks


Please join us in creating this community care peer support space.


There is a particular reality around what it means to be disabled and engaged in movement and social justice work.


The space will be animated by questions such as:

  • What does it mean in our activism, in our movements, in our work and in our communities to be all in?

  • What sacrifices are inherent, what do we gain, what do we give up and what is expected of us?

  • Am I worthy, do I have the ability to be in the movement, do I have a place here?


Unfortunately, support groups at home are often not enough. We need expanded possibilities around how we live and work as disabled and chronically ill people.



Dustin Gibson (Peoples Hub) and TBD

Clinic Length and Type:


90 minutes per session


Connect as an individual

Clinic Offered:


Wednesday, June 15th from 4-5:30pm PT/ 6-7:30pm CT/ 7-8:30pm ET

Monday, June 27th from 12-1:30pm PT/ 2-3:30pm CT/ 3-4:30pm ET

Tuesday, July 12th from 4-5:30pm PT/ 6-7:30pm CT/ 7-8:30pm ET

Monday, July 25th from 12-1:30pm PT/ 2-3:30pm CT/ 3-4:30pm ET

Saturday, August 13th from 10:30am-12pm PT/ 12:30-2pm CT/ 1:30-3pm ET

Monday, August 22nd from 12-1:30pm PT/ 2-3:30pm CT/ 3-4:30pm ET

This clinic is ideal for:


Folks who identify as disabled and/or chronically ill and/or consider themselves to be movement or social justice warriors who believe in disability justice.

Clinic Outcomes:


The clinic space we are cultivating will be a supportive place where multiple realities can exist at the same time. We will meet around our truths: we can be active in the world and be honest about what must shift, when we must slow all the way down due to a flare up, a virus, or something else. 


This will be a co-created peer-supported space grounded in restoration and action.


These clinics are ongoing meeting spaces. Please drop in and out as needed. Registering for the clinic space does not mean you must show up for every date. You are welcome to drop in and out of this space.



Access requests can be made by emailing Dustin at dustin at peopleshub dot org, including ASL interpretation. The space itself will be access-centered in how we respond to the needs of each other by working collectively with the facilitator and tech support lead to ensure access for all of us.

What do you do to prepare?


Please choose a location with a strong internet connection, where you are able to speak and listen comfortably. You’ll need a laptop or desktop computer, and headphones.



Free, or pay what you can. All donations help support our trainers and further our mission.

Ready to sign up?

Dustin Gibson


Dustin Gibson

Dustin is guided by the aspiration, legacies, and pursuit of liberation. He develops he(art)work that embodies a practice of disability justice that can live, build, support and be implemented by marginalized communities to address the nexus between race, class, and disability. Dustin brings lived experience, scholarship, histories, art and resources into classrooms, neighborhoods, and carceral institutions to support people in collectively imagining and building a world free from institutionalization and incarceration. He has taught various disability-related courses at middle-schools, high-schools, kid jails, prisons and law schools. He also has worked with three Centers for Independent Living (CIL) in Pittsburgh, PA and both of the national CIL networks. He co-founded Disability Advocates for Rights and Transition, an organization led by disabled people that works in the tradition of deinstitutionalization to provide support to live freely in communities with the dignity of risk. He is also a Peer Support Trainer with Disability Link, a founding member of the Harriet Tubman Collective, and builds with grassroots organizations and artists to expand experiences of access.